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AnaPhilanthropist, And Entrepreneur, Certified Trainer and Life Coach, With a background in psychology.

Philanthropist, Entrepreneur, Certified Trainer
and Life Coach with a Background in Psychology

In the past 15 years, Ana Davila has taken a journey in her personal growth. She has traveled all over the world looking for answers, having been trained by the best teachers such as, Bob Proctor and Mike Dooley. Her only goal was to heal herself and become the best that she could be for her business and children, although she had reached enlightenment far greater than adhering to just her average life.

She wanted to desperately spread this wealthy knowledge to a world that is willing. Ana believes that in order to lead someone, you must to be a leader for yourself and lead by example. Today she is the owner of Amore Home Care Agency, providing concierge care for seniors and training her staff, making sure her clients are receiving excellent care in their own homes, and providing jobs that help her community.

Ana encourages women to work in their personal growth, find their passion and become the most revolutionary leaders. She says, “A human being needs to have a balance in order to connect with their spiritual, physical, financial, and personal needs whatever they may be. That is the answer to succeed in life.”

Ana has been a part of the community, helping the needs of many women and children. After a painful divorce, she decided to touch the lives of women and children by providing leadership classes and workshops in order for them to take charge of their lives. Ana helps them to connect with themselves and find the passion that they once had or they never knew they had.

In her journey, Ana has found that, at times, men are sometimes more hurt then women and that they don’t have a sturdy support system. Ana provides workshops designed especially for men to embrace their healing light and drive them to initiating their goals. Ana helps them to find their inner, warrior power, and trains them to look deeper into their emotional wounds so that they manifest the life they’ve always wanted to have without any setbacks.

Ana Davila

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