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Leidiana Davila has supplied seniors and their families with in home caregivers and Certified Nursing Assistants who help them through the difficult stages of their lives and in their health.

Leidian’s Story

Ana lost both her parents at the age of 22. It was at that time that her passion for senior assistance began. She devoted her life to helping seniors who are vulnerable and mobility-limited. She made it her mission to educate seniors and their families about transitioning into old age and how to do it as gracefully and with the least stress possible.

With her help, seniors became better prepared for health challenges and the consequent lifestyle changes associated with old age. From time to time, she conducts workshops for family caregivers and seniors on topics such as senior health and caregiving.

Ana’s Credentials and Role in Amore Home Care Agency

  • Background in administration for residential care facilities as well as nursing homes
  • Licensed by the State of California in Administration
  • Personally trains each of her CNAs and LVNs (caregivers) to ensure the highest quality of care for yourself or your loved ones

Inspired to Care for Seniors

Under Leidiana’s leadership, Amore Home Care Agency became a highly respected care provider in the area, not just for seniors and clients but for their families as well. She emphasizes that care plans need to be seriously complied with to ensure optimum outcomes in health and in the quality of life of the individual. At home, the client’s wellbeing will be ensured by promoting safety, independence, mental stimulation and positive recreational activities.

As a team of nurses and caregivers, Amore Home Care Agency shall strive to improve your household’s situation even with a sick, elderly or infirmed family member. We shall provide the support and care management that will reduce the risk of injury, symptoms of dementia, and depression.

In times when a trip to the hospital becomes inevitable, Ana or a staff member from Amore Home Care Agency will be with the patient and the family during transit and when admitting the patient. We do all that is within our capacity, going the extra mile, to make difficult times less daunting. You have our support all the way. Amore Home Care Agency is here for your family and we thank you for choosing us to be a guardian of your health.

Our Staff at Amore Home Care Agency

Home Health Aides | Nurse’s Aides | Certified Nursing Assistants
Licensed Medical Assistants | Licensed Vocational Nurses

Home Health Aides and Certified Nursing Assistants can assist patients from all age groups. They provide support for the client in performing activities of daily living.

Our Certified Nursing Assistants have years of experience in practice. They have extensive daily contact with each patient and they help in the compliance of the physician’s prescribed care plan.

Our Staff are available twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Please call us for more information – 833-236-2369.