Orthopedic Surgery Recovery

 Orthopedic Surgery Recovery Image

After Orthopedic Surgery, there are two aspects of recovery that need to be given focus: physical healing and emotional healing.

Because Orthopedic Surgeries are major surgical procedures, often the patient needs extensive care for the first few weeks. In that time, our caregivers at Amore Home Care will provide the physical support and care that will promote:

  • Faster healing of wounds/scars
  • Faster recovery for bones
  • Faster adaptation to mobility / adaptive mobility devices

We want to help you safely resume your day to day activities before you had your surgery. With proper guidance, this can be achieved – all the while, we will be there to give you the emotional support and encouragement as you reclaim your ambulatory capabilities and self-confidence to enhance your independence.

You can ask for more information about recovery support services after orthopedic surgery. Please call Amore Home Care at 760-340-2828.

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