caregiver assisting elderly man on walking

Amore Home Care Agency preserves the highest standards in Specialty Care services. We have two options that families can take when it comes to the health and safety of their elderly loved ones or disabled family members at home.

Customized, Personalized and Private One-on-One Care

Before services start, we conduct a thorough evaluation of the client’s needs to decide the manner of approach in addressing their needs with Concierge Care or Management Care. We apply attention to detail in every aspect of health management involved and will even coordinate with their physician when necessary.

At all times, we shall keep communication lines open not just with the client but with family members as well. Amore Home Care has been in this line of practice for so long that we have come to recognize the degree of stress that family members also have to take while their senior or disabled loved one is facing health challenges.

Throughout the provision of care, we shall preserve the dignity, privacy and integrity of our clients and their family.

Amore Home Care Agency is available 24/7 to respond to emergency situations. Our clients also receive visits from us at a minimum of two times in a given week. The number of visits we conduct weekly can be increased if preferred by the client or if required by the physician.