Why Choose Us

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What makes Amore Home Care Agency different? Why should you choose our services?

These are some of the reasons that made clients repeatedly recommend us to their friends and family:

  • Wide range of care options through home health care
  • Customized Care for those who are medically-fragile, injured or disabled
  • Less expensive compared to long-term hospital confinement
  • More convenient as the client spends recovery at home
  • Enables the client to regain his or her independence
  • Supportive Care and Emotional Support
  • Care services are provided by professionals who are licensed, bonded and injured
  • Delays the admission of the elderly into a care facility or nursing home
  • One-on-one care provided by nurses and caregivers with the goal to fulfill your recovery
  • A wide network of care providers linked to Amore Home Care Agency – gives you access to various health services by just making one phone call

We hope that you too will recommend us to your friends! Please call us at 833-236-2369 for further inquiries about our services. Thank you for choosing Amore Home Care Agency.