Concierge Care

caregiver assisting elderly man on getting out of bed

Home Concierge Care from Amore Home Care Agency ensures there is continuity of care for the client. We go the extra mile each day to make sure that care schedules are followed, meals are prepared on time and when the client needs transportation to medical appointments, a safe and comfortable vehicle is readily available.

In providing Concierge Care, we understand that the client’s conditions can often change dynamically. We shall be ready for those changes and we are always prepared to assist in care coordination while the client’s needs adapt to health changes over time.

Periodically, our nurse from Amore Home Care Agency will evaluate the health of the client and propose changes to the care plan as needed. This is a way to ensure that the patient receives continuous care at home, after hospitalization or during long-term care.

The client’s needs are assessed through:

  • face-to-face consultations
  • coordination with the physician
  • coordination with the pharmacist (for medication therapy plan)

In addition to this, we give great consideration to the preferences of the client and the family members.

Care for the Elderly and Disabled

We visit our clients at least twice a week to check and make sure they are safe at home. For emergencies, Amore Home Care Agency has a 24-Hour hotline that the client can call. Our staff are always ready to respond when there is a need to take the client to the hospital or contact their family members during health crises that will arise.

We keep our clients informed as this is key to giving them peace of mind. The trust-based relationship with our clients and their family are earned and kept by our staff for as long as we are given the honor of serving them with Concierge Care services.

Concierge Care is highly ideal for clients who require extensive health management and safety supervision. If this is a service that you or your loved one can use, please call 833-236-2369. http://833-236-2369</home care>